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Work for Us

Protective Services offer a diverse range of career opportunities and working arrangements throughout Queensland. It is a rewarding career with job security and ample opportunity for career development. 

When joining the Service as a protective security officer, our officers complete a full-time six-week training program at the Queensland Police Service Academy which covers Operation Skills and Tactics Training; security legislation; and organisational policies and procedures. When joining as a senior protective security officer, officers complete a full-time six-week training program also at the Academy and join the Service as an empowered Senior Protective Security Officer. This training course includes Operation Skills and Tactics Training; corporate strategy and induction; technical knowledge; security legislation; policy and procedures; skills and capability training; and holistic competency assessment to prepare officers for work within the current security environment. 

Once a member of Protective Services, there are opportunities to undertake further training and other professional development courses to progress and enhance your career in areas such as technical skills; leadership and management.  

Working for the Queensland Police Service offers you: 

• Opportunity for career mobility and progression;

• Salary sacrifice arrangements; 

• Comprehensive health, welfare and carer support services; 

• Leave assistance for study; 

• Access to a free gymnasium at Police Headquarters and the Academies (Oxley and Townsville). 


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Protective Services are staff members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and provide security services to Government buildings, environs and staff. Officers are appointed under oath as either a Protective Security Officer or a Senior Protective Security Officer.  Senior Protective Security Officers have legislative powers within State Government buildings to;

•             Demand Identification;

•             Examine entrants and belongings;

•             Seize proscribed matter;

•             Evict offenders;

•             Detain offenders.

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