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Static Guards

We have base-level and empowered officers available to protect government infrastructure and people. Our officers are trained at the Queensland Police Service Academy and abide by both the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Government Codes of Ethics and Conduct. 

Protective security officers
Protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have the same powers under the criminal code as a security officer in the private sector. Before being appointed, protective security officers undergo an extensive criminal history check. Training includes a thorough understanding of relevant legislation, policy and procedure accompanied by a workplace learning program that enhances their role and responsibility in support of senior protective security officers. 

Senior protective security officers
Senior protective security officers are sworn staff officers who have, in relation to a state building, all the powers and authorities of a police officer, except the power of arrest. In addition, senior protective security officers are empowered to detain any person who has committed any offence before handing them over to a police officer.

Like protective security officers, our empowered officers undergo an extensive criminal history check before being appointed. Senior protective security officers complete an intensive six-week training program that includes Operation Skills and Tactics Training; corporate strategy and induction; technical knowledge, skills and capability training; and holistic competency assessment to prepare officers for work within the current security environment.